Vena Lite


The Problem.


The Plan.

Prospects and Power

Vena leverages the familiarity of an Excel interface and powerful cloud-based tech to streamline financial workflows and plan for growth. For an enterprise CFO, this is a glaring value add. But our SMB prospects kept saying no thanks, and we found a pattern that needed addressing.

Small companies have small finance teams and budgets–their pains ultimately don't justify the cost. Vena is a powerful tool that, for these teams, is too powerful.

The need here is a lightweight, ideally free product where prospects can experience the core value of Vena now. And as these companies grow and needs change, so can the product features.


Finance and Freemium

Slack. Calendly. Dropbox. Freemium products are the ubiquitous cornerstones of product-led growth methodology. In the FP&A space, not so much. But we were ready to disrupt. Our PLG team took on an experimental approach, and were prepared to test out new ideas and fail.

From research we decided on core features for our freemium product and got to work. My job was to come up with a content strategy based on everything we knew so far about our prospects.


The Strategy.

Cross-Department Collaboration

Building off our newly formed product content style guide, I came up with a strategy that married our established voice and tone with marketing brand strategy.

In addition to UX content, the freemium product included upsell opportunities and required this balance. Collaboration with marketing was important for this project to strike a balance between UX writing principles and aspirational marketing copy.


The Content.

Introducing Haven.