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Design Articles.

"You did a great job here explaining something I'm not familiar with. You had the ability to write with clarity, allowing me to "get" it and why it's innovative and useful. That's good writing."

-Pulitzer Prize winning writer Tom Hallman Jr.


Product-Led Growth and Design

Slack. Calendly. Dropbox. If you use these products, you’ve seen the power of a product-led growth (PLG) strategy. But, what is PLG, and why are companies achieving so much success with it? In this article, we define and explore how the Design and Product teams at Vena are implementing this strategy to nurture growth in a new way

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Accessibility, Inclusivity and Diversity in Design

Before becoming designers, many of us probably didn’t give much thought to accessible design. We interact daily with digital and physical design–like, a lot. But we never consider what makes a product accessible or inclusive. This lack of awareness is one of the privileges of being non-disabled. Learning to observe the world from a design perspective can be an eye-opening experience–and right now design is at a time where accessible, inclusive and diverse practices aren’t only necessary, but evolving and growing at a rapid pace.

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